Friday, February 6, 2009

Munnar and a Virus.

Well I have finally got to make a new post. It seems that the card on the camera has a virus and I can't upload any pictures at the moment. I hope to get that sorted out soon.Trichy is an amazing place. The town itself is heaving with people, traffic and noise. The main temple which covers 60 hectares is the same but different. Despite the clamour and the bustle there is a peace and serenity. Amid the hawkers and gawkers people go about their poojas (Prayers or ceremonies) in peace. The Goporams are gigantic, the largest measuring 73 meters high, and painted as only Hindu religious fervour can. Inside in the cool dark it is about candles, offerings and ghee covered statues. Flower petals cling to the gods, fall and are replaced with each new prayer. Popular as ever, is Ganesh. Half man half elephant he is the deity of purpose and prosperity.In the second, smaller and quieter temple we visited, Ganesh is there in the form of a real elephant. This sad pachyderm stands, shuffling from foot to foot, accepting coins in return for a blessing. The blessed retreat, head bowed, with a hope of their prayers answered, but until now Ganesh remains deaf to his incarnations plight.We took two taxis to get from Trichy to Munar, passing through Madurai. The second leg took us from the plains up to the green delights of the Western Ghats. 17 thoughtfully sign posted and numbered hairpin bends and we enter a softer greener world of cardamom and tea plantations. Our guest house is cool and pleasant. It overlooks the river and the golf course and is a short distance from Munnar town. This morning when I got up to photograph the dawn there was a stark contrast between me in shorts and flip-flops and the other early risers in coats and balaclavas. The best one I saw was a boy of about 12, like me in flip-flops but wearing ear-muffs.We are planning visits to the national parks and the tea plantations so I hope to get the card de-virused and post a few pictures.Keep the comments coming they are great.

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  1. Hello vous 4
    Mon rendez vous avec votre blog ressemble à un cours d'anglais... sauf que je ne me sens pas le courage "to send some comments" en Anglais .... y a trop d'Anglais qui lisent ce blog.... et là, c'est la "shame" !!!!
    Bon, à part ça c'est super d'avoir de vos nouvelles, finalement on en a plus quand vous êtes loin ..... LoL...
    On espère que vous allez pouvoir solutionner ce pb de virus .... on veut des photos ...
    Théo est parti ce matin avec un pote (et ses parents bien sûr) aux 2 Alpes pour la semaine, et nous on restent là comme 2 vieux c...!
    On vous envie.... savourez.....
    Au plaisir de vous lire
    Bizouxxx à vous 4