Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fort Kochin To Mamallapuram

Well we finally got through the day and caught the train at Ernakulum for Mamallapuram. We climbed on board and found our places for the journey in the second class AC section. We had hoped to change 2 of the berths with whoever else was travelling to get the 4 berths together but there was a grump who wouldn't oblige. Never mind, we settled in with our sheets and blankets to tried and get a little sleep. For my own part I slept intermittently and the kids had no problems. Angie however, who has been having trouble at the best of times, had another rough night.We met a really interesting young chap who works on the Anderman islands and he showed Jacques some of his photographs of the wildlife. The rest of the journey whiled slowly through Tamil Nadu to Chennai. We found a taxi who asked 4500 /- for the trip to M. Angie offered 800 and a reluctantly settled for 1200 including tolls. This it turns out is about the correct rate for the journey (we had an idea) but it didn't stop him from being surly in the extreme and finally quite insulting.So now here we are back in M., showered and clean (24hrs in the same clothes without a wash in India is getting a bit limit even for us - Helen.) and ready to enjoy our final 3 days. The sun is hot and the sea is blue so its time for a dip in the briny.

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