Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still in Fort Cochi.

The last 2 days in Fort Cochin have been very nice indeed. We had a slight worry when we first moved into the room as a gigantic Cockroach fell from the ceiling which put Angie of the Vaso de Gama Homestay for a while. However the room is huge with 3 beds with fitted mosquito nets. Once the nets are in place even if there is a cockroach monsoon we are under cover. Anyway, it seems that the one we saw was a loner so all is fine. The mozzies are also plentiful, but nets and spay seem to work. Last night we went to a Dhosa house in Mattucherry (about 3 km away) and ate Massala Dhosa, Vada and Onion Utthapam. The food was great and instead of spending 10Euros or more for dinner we only spent 2.This morning Jacques and I went out for a walk at about 07.30 down to the fish landing. We watched men loading boxes of fish and prawns in ice onto their bikes which they would then peddle on the streets. After we went to a coffee and snack stall for some breakfast. The conditions were indescribably filthy and I have some pictures to show later, but the food was good and hot. We met the girls in a nice bakery for a posh breakfast number 2 and here we saw the biggest cockroach yet. It just goes to show, you never can tell.

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