Friday, February 20, 2009

Scuffing about in Fort Cochin

Today is turning out to be a bit of a pain. We had to leave the room by 12 noon and our train is not until 21.45. Thus we are spending quite a lot of time getting hot, bored and bothered whilst we wait. Because the bags are packed and we don't have access to clean clothes or washing facilities until tomorrow we can't even let the kids play in the park. So here we are in the cyber cafe, the kids are on the BBC site and I am doing this.It is evident that the person who set this place up has never used a computer themselves. The table in front of the screen is so small that the keyboard is way to the left and the space left for the mouse is so small that it is virtually useless. The wires are so short that you can't move anything and the few keys I can read are so stiff, typing is very slow. They have a system of pop-ups which have made me 2 offers of marriage in 15 minutes and promised to make me rich and handsome. Not bad for 30 rupees an hour. I have my photos on CD now but of course there is no CD reader on this computer. Such is life.Here's to a cooler and more relaxed tomorrow.......

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