Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ready for the next leg

It is difficult not to start each post with a line about the sun and then another about the food, because we spend the majority of the time avoiding the former and seeking the latter. Anyway suffice to say, it is hot and we have been eating curries.
We embark on our next leg to Tiruchchirappalli (Trichy) this afternoon. This begins with the ritual haggling over the price of the room which seems to have mysteriously have changed since we booked. There are also the surprising elements like extra fees for an additional mattress in a family room. However arch negotiator Angie is on the case so I leave it all in her capable hands. If only Barak Obama knew about her, he would send her to sort out the Israelis.
The train leaves at 16.00 and we have a connection at 17.55 about 40kms away. We are travelling 2nd class non-AC which should be interesting. We had planned to leave this morning but that train was full. We are due to arrive at Trichy at 21.00 and have a room booked in an old colonial hotel with a courtyard. Trichy is a city full of temples so we will spend tomorrow seeing as much as we can before moving on again to the cooler Western Ghats. I hope to find a place where I can upload pictures soon so you can see us in all our curry stained glory.

Happy Birthday to the Lady Helen (you know who you are) on the 4th.

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