Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cool Munnar

We are all really enjoying Munnar. It is a small town on the banks of a fast flowing river joined by a series of ancient concrete bridges. In the curve of the bus station are a multitude of small stalls and shops selling tea, spices, the usual tourist paraphernalia and balaclavas. Yes, the flea bag is back in a big way here in Munnar. This seasons fashion is jeans for the ladies with a bright shift style top, a throw and a jaunty balaclava to top it all off. Men continue to favour ultra tight trousers with shirts, black nylon jackets and a scarf over the head if they don’t have a flea bag. It’s true, the evenings are cool here but it would have to be positively Siberian before I took up this particular fashion.Yesterday, we took a rickshaw to the dam 14kms from our guest house. We then spent the next three hours walking back. The road winds down through stands of Gum trees, imported here in 1961 as fuel for the tea drying plants, and tea plantations. The government of Kerela is very progressive and the plantations are now mostly workers cooperatives. Also each house on the plantations must have enough space for a kitchen garden and to graze a cow. If the latter is not available the plantation must provide free milk to the children. Not bad eh! What would Thatcher the Milk Snatcher have made of that one in the days when she could still think?The views are spectacular and we will have lots of pictures on our return but I am still having upload problems. Tomorrow we will take a full day tour with Hussein our taxi man and on Tuesday he takes us to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Our host has a cousin who runs a home stay there aptly (I hope) called El Paradiso. He will organize for us to visit a little and hopefully see some wildlife.Keep the comments coming.Patricia j’adore tes commentaries. Profitez de l’absance du petit ca fait du bien. Bisous.


  1. Ouah! Quel réveil, pour un dimanche matin!!!!
    Comme chaque jour j'ai rendez-vous avec "mon cours d'anglais" (Aadvark & Aubergine go to India) Ceci dit en passant, quand j'étais petite je lisais "Martine va à la plage", "Martine va au ski"...etc.... Maintenant c'est "Aadvark & Aubergine go to India"...
    Et là! Voilà t-il pas que vous me sortez des mots inconnus de mon vocabulaire:
    "paraphernalia and balaclavas"
    Ouhhhhh il me faut un dictionnaire ... un dimanche matin !!!!
    Et bien merci les amis, j'ai enrichi mon vocabulaire de 2 mots, pas forcément facile à placer...quoique!!!
    J'ai longtemps résisté avant d'aller chercher le dico, même le 'flea bag" ne m'a pas mise sur la voie!
    Nous en reparlerons de vive voix !
    J'ai besoin de votre aide.
    Bon en espérant que votre future "home stay" soit aussi chouette que le laisse présager son nom.... Bonne continuation.
    On vous embrasse...

  2. Hi all, glad you're all enjoying Munnar, sounds like you've been having fun cockroaches & all! I hope you all enjoyed your day at the wildlife sanctuary. Hope Jacques has fully recovered and none of you have the dreaded deli-belly for the rest of your trip. Fingers crossed. We're all well, and I'm behaving myself ( yes really I am!) Had some more snow, although it's melted as quick as it came, temps dropped so it makes me quite envious of the temps you have there. Andy 6 nations, England won against Italy. Love to all take care Hev x

  3. Me again!? I forgort to put forward a Q. from Meggie - Why Aadvark & Aubergine?

  4. Bonne Saint Valentin aux Amoureux ....
    A priori pas de news depuis 1 semaine.... vous devez être dans des endroits très retirés... ou alors, vous nous oubliez !!!
    (Pour moi, pas de cours d'Anglais pendant 1 semaine, c'est normal ce sont les vacances !!!!)