Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fort Kochi - Cherai Beach - Fort Kochi

The solution to the mozzie plague was to move out. We had had 3 nice days in the very interesting Fort Kochi with lots more left to do. But we had also visited the famed Cherai Beach and decided to give it a try.
Whilst staying in Fort Kochi we took a trip to Ernakulum for Angie to do a little shopping. This usually involves any amount of hand waving, gnashing of teeth etcetera whilst I look on in an embarrassed silence. This time was no exception, but at least I had something to do. Just outside the shop, squatting on the pavement, in a 1 meter by 1 meter shed, was a man making jewellery. My silver bracelet from 1992 Rhajastan had lost the end and I asked him if he could fix it. He said he could and then set about making a piece from a bit of scrap silver. This all took a very long time and I was beginning to wonder how he would solder the new end to the bracelet as there was no gas or electricity supply to his hutch. In the end it was quite simple. He melted some paraffin wax onto some charcoal. Propped my bracelet on a bit more charcoal and then set fire to the wax. Then with the aid of a small pipe he directed a hot blue flame from the wax to the solder and made the join. This whole procedure, together with the polishing took almost 2 hours which is precisely the time Angie needs to break the will of a salesman. Perfect.Cherai Beach is described in the Lonely Planet as the best kept secret in Kerala. Not any more, the developers are moving in along the beach road and the locals are still using the sand as a toilet. Having said that we took a room at the shoreline Hotel (the manager swore us to secrecy as Angie had worked her magic on the price again) which had the benefit of having cleaned the bit of sand between itself and the sea. We spent all our time walking on the sand and swimming and generally had a great time. It was no 5 star place (sic. the Lady Helen) but it was nice.We are now once again in Fort Cochin, sleeping in Vasco De Gamas house and allegedly in the room where he left this world. As yet I have not opened the wardrobe but there is an old kit bag in the corner. I wonder.....


  1. Dear Four,
    Following the blogs and pleased to know you are all well and clearly enjoying your adventures (J&L, or are you now P&W? - work it out!)
    Andrew,don't open the kitbag.I've sent copies of the evidence of Angela's negotiating skills to both the TUC and Darling and it's a question of who will make the better offer.
    Liked the story of Lungi man but I will remain Mondeo man now I've polished the coachwork.
    Looking forward to a long chat when you all get back. Much love,
    Grandma and Grandpa

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