Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Men in Skirts

The Lungi is the universal all purpose lower body garment for the Keralan male. It is a simple rectangle of cotton cloth which is wrapped around the waist. But it is here that this apparent simplicity ends. The wearing of the Lungi is a surprisingly complex affair. Once secured there is a choice to be made. Do I wear my Lungi long or do I wear my Lungi short? Most men seem to be in a permenant state of indecision about whether to go mini or maxi. As they walk about the town they will wear it long, then on a whim change to short and then back to long again. Hours each day are spent in the adjusting of the Lungi, in preparing to adjust the Lungi and in being not quite happy with the hang of your lungi. One can hold the corner revealing your leg in readiness for a mini moment. When you are having your mini moment tying and retying are a must, but as the front is often used as a little pouch for you cash any purchases require another quick adjustment.

It's not easy being a Lungi man.

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