Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're Off !!

This is the first real entry in this blog. The stuff below is just a bit of messing about to get the feel of it. Anyway, there is an itinerary in post 3 which might be useful. It covers the first 10 days or so as we haven't planned the end of the trip in a detailed way.

As and when we get access to the net in India we will try to post a bit of text and a few pictures.

We are due to catch the 06.20 flight to Brussels and then our connection to Chennai where we will land at 00.10 local time. We have a taxi booked to Mamalapuram and should be in our guest house by about 03.00.

Mamalapuram was a great little town 16 yrs ago when we were last there but according to the guides and posts we have read it has undergone a lot of development recently. I remember walking across the sands to the shore temples and watching a very bad magician try to do some Tommy Cooperesque tricks. The banana pancake sellers had not yet appeared so food was Thali for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The group of women who were extending the hotel we were staying in were smiley, friendly and seemingly puzzled by us and our activities. The fabulous carvings just out side town were silent and ignored.

Anyway, in a few hours we will see how things have changed (for better or for worse). Keep you posted.

Please add comments if you have any.

See you in a month(ish). A+A+J+L.


  1. Dear all, Fantastic, your departure has finally arrived, sorry we didn't get to see each other before. Ah well all the more to catch up on and to hear your exciting news of your travels. Just to wish you all the best, have a fantastic time, be safe, eat well and most of all ENJOY!