Friday, January 30, 2009


After 20hrs of traveling by car, planes and Ambassador taxi we got to the Siva Guest House at 02.30 on the 29th. Nothing really to say about the journey other than as usual it was too long, too boring and too cramped. Par for the course really.
The Guest house is clean and over priced but Angie has done a haggle once again. The owner is looking less and less happy as he realises we won't be taking his 'All South India Tour' either. We intend to remain as independant as possible as always.
Mamalapuram has changed greatly since our last visit in 1994. There are loads of tourists and loads of restaurants specialising in banana pancakes. Every second shop is selling the same Ragistani tie die and silver and the ones in between are cafes or cyber cafes.
We have spent time trying to track down the remaining Indian food restaurants which are better and much cheaper than the new editions. Yeaterday was an orgy of Thali, Daal, Naan and Dhosas. Just the job.

We will be leaving for Pondycherry in the morning and are discussing with a taximan for a deal. If Angie can't get the price down enough it's 2 hours on the local bus. Might be fun.


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