Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aardvark & Aubergine go to India.

Once upon a time, two explorers called Aardvark and Aubergine went to India. They really wanted to see a tiger and to bath an elephant, so they caught a plane to Delhi the capital of India and then they took a train through the countryside to the jungle.

Deep in the Indian jungle, they met their friends Omprakash and Ribika with their elephant Rani and they all sat down under a tree to catch up on their news and to share a meal of daal and chapattis. That night they slept under the stars and dreamt of seeing tigers.

The next morning they climbed up onto Rani’s back and set off to find a tiger. Omprakash steered Rani between the trees and through the long grass whilst the others looked and looked for a tiger. They searched all day but didn’t see a single one.

They camped again for the night and whilst they cooked on an open fire, Rani went off to look for his own supper. Aardvark, Aubergine, Omprakash and Ribika sat around the fire late into the night and talked about the things they had seen that day and the things they would see the next.

They were still talking together when suddenly they heard the roaring of a tiger and the sounds of Rani crashing through the jungle.

“Oh no!” said Ribika, “a tiger is attacking poor Rani!” They all jumped up and ran off to try to save their elephant friend. They followed the sounds of trumpeting and roaring through the trees and long grass, expecting to see poor Rani been hurt by the tiger.

They came round from behind a large tree and shone their torches towards the sounds of the animals when Aubergine started to laugh. “Look” she said. “It isn’t Rani who’s in trouble. It’s the tiger!” They all looked and they could see that Aubergine was right.

While they had been sitting, cooking their supper, the tiger had been trying to sneak up on them. Rani had seen what the tiger was doing and had followed quietly behind and saved them all by standing on the tiger’s tail. The tiger was trying to pull his tail out from under Ranis foot but he would not let go.

The four explorers all laughed together until Omprakash said “Let him go Rani” and the tiger ran off in the jungle with a final cross roar.

So, this is the story of how Aardvark and Aubergine went to India and saw a tiger. But not quite the way they expected.

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